Activities and history


In 2004 the first national conference dedicated to the Lusitanian Culture and Historic Revisionism was held in Oxthrakai. During the conference the idea of establishing a Association for the Lusitanian Ethnic Culture “Trebopala” was first expressed by Endobelis Ampilua.

Latter, at the Lusitanian National Museum in Oxthrakai on 17 October 2004 tens of Lusitanians, concerned with Lusitanian cultural and religious heritage, its past and future, gathered together and the ALEC “Trebopala” was founded. But only in 2006 the ALEC "Trebopala" was legalised.

Our Lusitanian beloved friend Endobelis Ampilua was (re)elected chairman. Officially, the ALEC “Trebopala” is an independent cultural and private organization opened to the public in the Lusitanian Nation. Their members enjoy free activities, but they must respect the statutes of our association. Its primary purpose is to promote culture and historical identity of Lusitanians and strengthen the independence of Lusitania within Europe, Iberia and Portugal.

One of most important public events from this period was the commemoration of the anniversary of the last lusitanian uprising tragedy or the Kolmenar´s massacre that took place on 8 of July 1957. The event was widely discussed and united Lusitanians for the rebirth of our nation.

The association helped to restore Lusitanian symbols, explored history, ethnography, literature, language, religion and the press as well as immortalized the memory of Lusitanian persons.

Throught a short period of time ALEC “Trebopala” branches and societies were founded in almost every Lusitanian region as well as in small towns and other places.

In 2005 more and more Lusitanians who lived far away from Lusitania became interested in the activity of the association – it resulted in establishing new branches of our association in more places.

The first national congress of the association was held on 17 July 2006. And more new members had actively participated in the activity of the association right from since.

The ALEC “Trebopala” is concerned, in specially, with the issues of Lusitanian language and its return to daily public life. The new Lusitanian National Hymn “Beloved Land of My Ancestors”, replacing the old one, “Children of the Light” was approved in 2006.

The first Lusitanian newspaper will be issued as soon as possible in the beginning on next 2009. The Sacred Book of the Ancient Lusitanian Native Religion, the Book of Ascension, will be printed soon as well.

The Lusitanian Heraldry Commission approved the new Lusitanian emblem, flag and symbols on 28 September 2005.

The ALEC “Trebopala” is promoting a very strong campaign to start Lusitanian radio and television programs in our native community and abroad.

The ALEC “Trebopala” sends all the information about its activities in its “Yearly Programme”, and to its members and friends only.