Representing the Lusitanian people





In the language of the Lusitanian people, we welcome you to our webpage, of the Association for the Lusitanian Ethnic Culture "Trebopala", a cultural organization of the Lusitanian people in Portugal.

"Trebopala" means Protector of the Community in the Lusitanian language. The self--designation of the Lusitanian language is called Leukantu (which means speech or language of the light, in Lusitanian), alternatively we use the word Leukaeke for Lusitanic language, and Leukanturi for the erudite and writting Lusitanian.

This site will promote and defend the history and richness of the Lusitanian culture from all of places, villages, towns and regions of Lusitanian homeland that are populated by Lusitanian native people.

As we are ethnic Lusitanian, and the self-designation of the Lusitanian people is Leukuire (as we say in Lusitanic) and not portuguese, although with portuguese citizenship, we will present aspects of Lusitanian identity, language, spiritual practices, ceremonial rites, dances, music and art from historical and contemporary viewpoints.

In spite of the myth of "extinction" of Lusitanian people, proclaimed by portuguese neolatin elites, we, the descendants of the Lusitanian people, have managed to survive despite all odds. The Lusitanian people is widely scattered in Portugal, but most of us are concentred in Lusitania (the provinces of Beiras as the portuguese say). Although most of us are of mixed origins (Iberian and celtic), many of us, in special the million and half racially Lusitanians (living in Beiras), retain the knowledge of our indigenous identity as a family legacy, others are striving to reclaim it, and others are still unaware of their native ethnic-cultural Lusitanian heritage. A heritage that encompasses more than place names and derived vocabulary, but a distinct a way of life that has meaning for us in the present time. We will work for Lusitania. The native name of our homeland is Leukitanea, in Lusitanic language.

This is a plural work in progress, as is life... constantly changing, growing, evolving, falling down, getting back up to start over again.


Leukitanea bänd aiwizas!