All Lusitanian peoples are free to become virtual citizen of the Confederation of the Lusitanian Union, the official name of the new Lusitanian umbrella organization that takes it name from the ancient unified Lusitanian Peoples´s Confederation. So, to get in an official way the Lusitanian citizenship, everybody must fulfil their obligations and conditions, only to the native Lusitanian people are the citizenship automatically guaranteed. For the half-bread Lusitanians or mestizos, only the ones who are direct descendent (with some Lusitanian blood) and who have total conscience of their ethnic and cultural origin, can get the Lusitanian citizenship. For the others, imigrants, stateless, refugees, foreigners and friends of the Cause of Lusitanian people for their freedom, only could get the citizenship few specific cases, for instance if they live in our national territory, if they support the independence of Lusitania from Portugal, and if they speak fluent Lusitanic. The Lusitanian citizenship is forbidden to all Portuguese ethnics and elitists.

To establish or become member of any Lusitanian Free Community, or to belong to any Lusitanian cultural association and legal or semi-clandestine organization, we are more selective and careful, because some people are very unfriendly about our cause for the liberation of Lusitanian people, and they could stroke or put at risk some tasks or even all the work of Lusitanian resistance for the national liberation of Lusitania. So, we do not allow the entrance to some people in our communities and organizations, in special politicians, military, businessmen, dealers and other criminal people. We inform also, that the Free Lusitanian Communities are ruled by the Traditional Lusitanian Law, and not by the Portuguese ones. We only want to build a Country for Free Men and Women.

The Pledge of Allegiance to Lusitania: