The way to Lusitania

The Road to Lusitania (Leukitania or Luirokitanea, in Lusitanic) runs backwards through conventional concepts which neolatin Portuguese centric thinking has held about “Lusitania”. The people of Lusitania do not call themselves “Lusitanians”, portuguese and western european call us that; Lusitanians refer themselves as Leukuirecori, our own name is Leukuire, which means People of the light, or Man of the light. Most of what remains of our Lusitanian culture and tradition has been refracted through lenses of the portuguese and neolatin perspective; and often with racial animus and bigotry.

In order to find the real Luirozitanea today, you must begin to understand what the people of “Lusitania” say about themselves, in their own words. For this reason, you should consider learning to read everything about us in the internet, to learn the modern Lusitanic language or Lykanture as we call to our mother tongue, and to support our survivor natural cult Revvane of the Ancient Lusitanian Native Religion.

Since the conquest of our homeland by the armies of the roman neolatin speakers and their allies some centuries ago, neolatin Portuguesecentric political thought has necessitated the nullification of the native Lusitanian, or Leukuire History, culture, heritage, roots, national identity and presence in our everyday life. Universities, schools and cultural centers of learning in our homeland and in the western world have been used to support this nullification and the lies of the powerful Portuguese neolatin minority. But logic dictates that thousands of years of history and tradition speaks to the contrary, the bias of neolatin Portuguesecentric myths and lies must give way. Arm yourself with knowledge, and the enlightenment of a brilliant people who can show the reality of the history and daily life of Luirozitanea. In this evidence, all we Lusitanians and friends must fight for the ethnic existence of the native people of Luirozitanea.